About Me

About Me

Welcome to My playground of perversion.

A creative collector of exceptional individuals, I have a delicious desire for all things dark and debauch. I have an innate ability to penetrate your psyche and have a penchant for finding your inevitable weaknesses and innermost secrets.

My pleasure is to take control of the corners of your mind, to receive from you the sacrifice of your body and to wield that power whilst I create My masterpiece on your flesh, mind and soul.

Intoxicating, ethereal, the epitome of a sensual sadist……. I have a plethora of BDSM experience and knowledge collated over the last decade that is forever evolving.

Dominant by nature and nurture, My only drive is to satiate your depraved desires and thus My own unique hunger. Through the convergence of a unique D/s relationship, such euphoria is easily liberated.

My pleasure is paramount!