Submit to Me

Submit to Me

Submission is freedom

Pain is pleasure

Servitude is liberation

Deprivation is decadence

My books are at present closed and I am not accepting any new clients for sessions at the Manor. As a lifestyle Dominatrix I truly adore and cherish all those in My service and nurturing these relationships takes up My time. This may change in the future, it would take someone rather special to capture My attention. The only way at present to be granted an audience is by attending one of My world famous parties, when I am on tour/doubles days or when I advertise filming positions.

I relish profound and long standing D/s relationships. Loyalty, devotion and training lead to the most intense and inspirational sessions that allow U/us to be the most authentic and liberated version of O/ourselves.

My main focus and personal fetish is physiological domination and control in all varying forms. Finding your darkest desires and harmonising them with My own so My carnal creativity may come to fruition.

My special interests are:

  • Ashtray servitude
  • Anal play/training
  • Bondage
  • Breath play
  • CBT
  • Chastity/orgasm control
  • Corporal punishment/pain training
  • Domestic discipline
  • Domestic servitude/training
  • Financial domination
  • Humiliation
  • Medical play
  • Sensory play
  • Sissification /forced bi

I do not carry out:

  • Sexual services
  • Age play
  • Racial abuse
  • Hard sports


To be noted I live My fantasies out within My chambers and all sessions are subject to a fee.

If a submissive desires out of chamber activities such as dinner, shopping etc., then a tribute will also be required.